Private outdoor hot tub

The Log Cabin comes with a private outdoor hot tub from Hot Springs Spas, a world renowned company.

Imagine yourself relaxing in some warm bubbling water, whilst enjoying the benefit of a gentle neck and back massage.

Soak up the magnificent daytime scenery, or at night, watch the lights flickering away in the distant Ayrshire towns. Feel yourself slowly unwinding in this wonderful water paradise.

All weather – the colder/wetter the better (honest !)

Hot Springs Terms:

Not suitable for pregnant women.
Swimsuits required (at all times !!!)
The hot tubs can only be used by guests who are booked in to stay here with us. Unfortunately we are not insured for any friends or family who may wish to visit you and use them during your stay.


We understand that having your own private outdoor Hot Springs hot tub is a really special touch to your night (s) away and adds that little bit of extra indulgence. We want you to have a pleasureable experience, relaxing under the stars with your partner and enjoy your time away together.

However it is essential to adhere to and understand the guidelines as outlined below for your own health and safety.

Lochwood Farm Steading accepts no liability due to loss or injury in relation to inappropriate behaviour or misuse of the said guidelines below whilst in or around the confines of the hot tub.

We ask that you please take the time to not only fully read over but confirm back by email that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

1 Our public liability insurance only covers the two guests who are booked to stay in the suite and therefore use the hot tub. Guests are not permitted to invite visitors to either use the suite or the hot tub during the entire duration of their stay. Any guest found to be in disregard of this condition will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be given.

2 When not in use, always keep the hot tub covered, the straps secured and the weight on (where appropriate). This keeps the water warm in addition to avoiding any debris from falling into the hot tub.

3 Limit the time spent when using the hot tub as long exposures at high temperatures can cause high body temperatures. Symptoms may include nausea, dizziness, fainting, drowsiness and reduced awareness.

4  Guests with infectious diseases and open wounds should not use the hot tub.

5  Avoid the use of alcohol, drugs or medication before or during use of the hot tub as this may lead to drowsiness and subsequent unconsciousness.

6 Use of the hot tub whilst pregnant is not recommended.

7 No electrical devices are permitted to be used near the hot tub.

8  You are not permitted to eat in the hot tub as food particles block the filters and subsequently damage the jets.

9  No glass or bottles may be used around the hot tub. Please use the plastic glasses that have been provided. Any broken bottles or glasses in the suite must be reported immediately so as to avoid cuts.

10  Do not submerge your head under the water. Long hair should be tied up so as to avoid being caught in the filters.

11 There is a shower cap in the little toilet bag in the bathroom to protect your hair for those who have dyed hair.

12  Do not jump, dive or back flip into the hot tub.

13  Do not add any bath or shower gels, fairy liquid or other chemicals to the water in the hot tub. This will damage the spa and you will be made liable for repair costs.

14 It is essential to shower before use if you are wearing fake tan and heavy make-up.

15 Guests on medication should always consult a doctor before using a hot tub especially if they have heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure.

16 The use of hot tub is strictly forbidden during lightning or extreme and adverse weather conditions.

17 The hot tub must never be occupied by one person alone at any one time.

18 Any damage to the hot tub lid will be charged for.